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May 1, 2017

Holders of passports that are exempted from the tourist visa requirement, but will want to extend their stay in Cambodia longer than the maximum number of days allowed for tourists, will need to apply for a visa that allows a longer stay. This is also true for those who are required to have a tourist visa.

The Cambodian Ordinary Visa (usually also called Business Visa) can enable an extended length of stay in Cambodia that is appropriate for the purposes of a visitor that will want to stay longer in the country.

This visa provides an opening for visitors to know the country better for a possible participation in its social and economic development. No investment obligations are imposed. You need only to pay the cost of the Ordinary Visa according to the length of stay it covers. You can just stay in Cambodia, for example, and encourage your friends in your own country to come as tourists and thus help the tourism industry. Or, you may do volunteer work, using your professional expertise to transfer skills to Cambodians. You may eventually see the feasibility of investing in Cambodia's growing business opportunities.

A Cambodian Ordinary Visa gives a foreign national in Cambodia the privilege to stay in the country for one month and up to one year.

By simply applying for a new Ordinary Visa everytime your old visa is about to expire you can remain in Cambodia for an indefinite period of productive time.

If you have entered Cambodia on a tourist visa, you may apply for the Ordinary Visa before the expiration of your allowable stay in the country as a tourist. You may, for example, first get a three-month Ordinary Visa and remain in the country for three months. Before its expiration you can get a six-month Ordinary Visa and again remain in the country for six months. After that, you may get a one year Ordinary Visa, and so on. Or, if your intention to stay long in Cambodia is serious enough, before your allowable stay as a tourist expires, you get a one year Ordinary Visa, and apply for a new one every year before your old visa is about to expire.

The visa can be obtained from the Immigration Office at Confederation de la Russie Street (Airport Road) which is just across the street in front of the Phnom Penh International Airport, or through a private visa processing agent.

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Business Visa: Lengths of Stay and Corresponding Government Rates

One (1) month stay, single-entry only: US$35.00

Three (3) months stay, single-entry only: US$65.00

Six (6) months stay, multiple entries: US$150.00

Twelve (12) months stay, multiple entries: US$285.00

You need to provide a colored or black-and-white passport size photo (size:40cm by 30cm).

Your passport must be valid for six (6) months more.

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